I.P.S. Advice

Your gateway towards “greener” packaging

How can

Innovative Packaging Solution Advice

Help you?

Based on education, over 30 years of experience on research- and management on paper based packaging; together with more than 15 patents, this support can be given.

Environmental friendly

Through Down-Grading By Packaging-Design, based on mechanical engineering principles, less paper is needed, so you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission.

The enviromental Paris agreement stimulates to think about this subject.


If you looking towards double digit reduction of the CO2 footprint of your packaging IPS Advice can help you with:

  • Analyses of what is possible
  • Design of alternative packaging solutions
  • Complete project analyses of defined targets
    • Finacial aspects as well as technical feasibility
  • Implemantation of you new packaging concept.