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How can

Innovative Packaging Solution Advice

Help you?

Based on education, over 28 years of experience on research- and management on paper based packaging; together with more than 15 patents, this support can be given.

Environmental friendly

Through Down-Grading By Packaging-Design less paper is needed, so you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emission

Important items

Packaging Cost Saving program
  • How to achieve cost-reduction beyond more efficient production?
Packaging Demands and Strength
  • How strong needs the box to be?
  • What stacking strength is achieved with a particular box design?
Packaging Quality Control program
  • How to be sure the delivered box performs as promised?

Packaging Design
  • How to fulfil the customers’ demands better?
  • How to extend the packaging-design portfolio due to the installed base of converting machines?
  • What kind of investments are needed?

Important items

Packaging Cost reduction; what is possible?
Packaging Quality; do I get what I need?
Packaging Carbon Footprint
  • How to reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging?

New packaging concepts
  • How do I have a packaging which makes the difference in the market?
  • What is needed to produce it?
  • What will be the cost?